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      Our supplier management team is looking for a solution – software or services – that “pushes” critical information about our top suppliers, numbering about 100, to us in real or close to real time. Critical is defined as anything that would affect a company in either a positive or negative way. For example, a negative credit rating, significant board changes, etc. It’s the stuff one might see on the national news, but we want something that is consistent and predictable in format and delivery. Does anyone know of such a solution?

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      D&B, Credit Risk Monitor have solutions.

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      we do not use this tool, but I played with it for some time and it may serve your purposes: Recorded Future

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      I have provided a link to a webcast and client case study that may be helpful

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      IBM Emptoris Brand Supplier Lifecycle Management Software provides integration to online data feeds from sources such as D&B, Equifax, OneSource and others that offer the type of critical supplier information that your member is looking for. I have attached an overview document for their review and have provided my contact details below if they would like to contact us.

      Attachment: IBM_SLM_Overview.pdf

      Catherine White
      IBM Emptoris Business Development
      978-384-0904-Home Office
      [email protected]

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      Dunn & Bradstreet has a tool. See

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      You could look at setting up Google alerts and having them sent to your supplier group. That will give you real-time information. Its quick , easy and most cost effective. For 100 suppliers, you will not get too much breaking news every day, hence this may be the most practical and cost effective solution.

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      D&B provides daily updates on suppliers and has been a useful tool in helping to determine supplier risk.

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      Hiperos is the best solution available to accomplish what this user has asked. Happy to discuss as needed.

      Brian Shaw
      [email protected]

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      Are they leveraging Social Media sites and notifications? We don’t actually do this, but that’s the first thought that came to mind.

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      D&B, Credit Risk Monitor have solutions.

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      This is one of the functions that Hiperos handles. In short, the Hiperos 3rd Party management solution is pre-wired into a subscription data provider such as Thomson Reuters, World-Check screening solution. Thomson Reuters provides a screening solution that handles watch list checking, negative news checking in 60 languages, PEP (Politically Exposed Persons) screening, government owned business screening, etc. The Hiperos 3rd party management application pings Thomson Reuters for updates nightly and any hits triggers a workflow alert that will escalate until some action is taken. Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption is a common use case for this capability. If any company or individual with whom we are doing business shows up as a list or is the subject of negative news the client is alerted so that they can thoughtfully decide if they want to continue the relationship and if they do if additional controls are appropriate.

      I hope that this helps, happy to talk to the SIG member if we can provide more color.

      Best regards, Mark DeLuca
      Office : 908-981-0083
      Cell : 973-214-8053
      Skype : MarkDeLuca
      Email : [email protected]

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      Our SAP solution Supplier InfoNet meets the needs of the below request.

      SAP Supplier InfoNet is an information network that brings together the power of SAP HANA and the cloud to help companies gain real-time insights from “big data” and rapidly respond to changing conditions across their multi-tier supply networks. It proactively monitor and predict risks across the complex supply network with real-time alerts and leading-edge machine learning and statistical analysis tools.

      Overview video:

      I will be happy to set up a meeting to discuss further.

      Kristen Wills
      Director Business Development Supplier Infonet
      [email protected]

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      Here’s a link that you can share with your SIG member that is asking about Supplier Management:

      On this site you will see an embedded video, datasheets, case studies, and related sources of information. It might be worth at least exploring and having a conversation with the member to understand the underlying business challenge/problem that they are trying to solve.

      Tony Raftery
      Senior Field Marketing Manager
      Ariba, An SAP Company
      [email protected]
      mobile: 1.617.599.2991

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      This was a problem that I encountered a while ago. RSS news feeds and queries were simply too obtuse, and many solutions did not provide the type of consistent coverage and categorization of pertinent developments that I required. A solution that did fill all of my requirements was‚ Capital‚ (an S&P company). This is an investment deal finding tool which is why it is relatively unknown in the sourcing world, but the key development breakdown and financial data coverage was very well suited to keeping track of multiple supplier developments as well as financial viability in a consistent, categorize, templated and reliable manner (

      An example of the categories covered is below. In practice, they have a small army of analysts in India who review news releases / company information and categorize accordingly on a daily basis. I would be happy to provide examples of the output, and how I have utilized this data, which especially for large NA companies is extensive and robust. Note though, that private companies will not have the same coverage as public. I have highlighted some categories of interest for you based on your commentary.

      Announced/Completed Transactions
      Bankruptcy Updates
      Company Forecasts and Ratings
      Corporate Structure Related
      Customer/Product Related
      Investor Activism
      Listing/Trading Related
      Potential Red Flags/Distress Indicators
      Potential Transactions
      Results Announcements/Corporate Communications
      Address Change
      Analyst/Investor Day
      Announcement of Earnings
      Announcements of Sales/Trading Statement
      Annual General Meeting
      Auditor Change
      Auditor Going Concern Doubt
      Bankruptcy‚ Asset Sale/Liquidation
      Bankruptcy – Conclusion
      Bankruptcy – Emergence/Exit
      Bankruptcy – Filing
      Bankruptcy‚ Financing
      Bankruptcy – Other
      Bankruptcy‚ Reorganization
      Board Meeting
      Business Expansion
      Business Reorganization
      Buyback Update
      Change in Company Bylaws/Rules
      Client Announcement
      Company Conference Presentation
      Composite Units Offering
      Considering Multiple Strategic Alternatives
      Corporate Guidance – New/Confirmed
      Corporate Guidance – Raised
      Corporate Guidance-Lowered
      Credit Rating – S&P – Credit Watch/Outlook Action
      Credit Rating – S&P – Downgrade
      Credit Rating – S&P – New Rating
      Credit Rating – S&P – Not-Rated Action
      Credit Rating – S&P – Upgrade
      Debt Default
      Debt Financing Related
      Delayed Earnings Announcement
      Delayed SEC Filing
      Derivative/Other Instrument Offering
      Discontinued Operations/Downsizing
      Dividend Affirmation
      Dividend Cancellation
      Dividend Decrease
      Dividend Increase
      Dividend Initiation
      Earnings Call
      Earnings Release Date
      End of Lock-Up Period
      Exchange Change
      Ex-Div Date
      Ex-Div Date
      Executive Change – CEO
      Executive Change – CFO
      Executive/Board Change – Other
      Fiscal Year End Change
      Fixed Income Offering
      Follow-on Equity Offering
      Guidance/Update Call
      Impairments/Write Off
      Index Constituent Add
      Index Constituent Drop
      Investor Activism – Activist Communication
      Investor Activism – Agreement Related
      Investor Activism – Financing Option from Activist
      Investor Activism – Nomination Related
      Investor Activism – Proposal Related
      Investor Activism – Proxy/Voting Related
      Investor Activism – Supporting Statements
      Investor Activism – Target Communication
      Labor-related Announcement
      Lawsuits & Legal Issue
      Legal Structure Change
      M&A Call
      M&A Rumors and Discussion
      M&A Transaction Announcement
      M&A Transaction Cancellation
      M&A Transaction Closing
      Macro: General
      Macro: Holidays
      Macro: Releases
      Name Change
      Potential Buyback
      Potential Privatization of Government Entity
      Preferred Dividend
      Private Placement
      Product-Related Announcement
      Public Offering Lead Underwriter Change
      Regulatory Agency Inquiries
      Regulatory Authority‚ Compliance
      Regulatory Authority, Enforcement Action
      Regulatory Authority, Regulation
      Restatements of Operating Result
      S&P Event
      Sales/Trading Statement Call
      Sales/Trading Statement Release Date
      Seeking Acquisition/Investment
      Seeking Financing/Partner
      Seeking to Sell/Divest
      Shareholder/Analyst Call
      Shelf Registration Filing
      Special Call
      Special Dividend Announced
      Special/Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting
      Stock Dividend
      Stock Splits & Significant Stock Dividend
      Strategic Alliance
      Structured Products Offering
      Ticker Change

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      A couple of thoughts,
      If SIG uses, there are features (Inside View, etc) that you can add that allow for news, press releases, other citations for company accounts you have set up. For example, I have this feature set up for my sourcing advisor company targets
      Staff analysts on or offshore (or outsource it) to do daily reviews public domain and other channels to continuously pull data
      Subscribe to Bloomberg, D&B, etc or other information services product‚ that would get you good info on the publicly traded providers, you could supplement with manual effort for private companies
      Hope that provides you with some thought starters.

      Bill Klages
      Vice President Austin, Texas
      Mobile: +1 312 953-3197

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      While not a software application, I know many people who have had success in setting up Google Alerts for specific suppliers:

      You fill in, what you want to search for, result type (news/blog/video), how often (1 per day/Realtime), how many results.

      The major lacking feature is the ability to prioritize what you would consider critical information but this can somewhat honed through the search query. Hope this is helpful.

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      I have Google Alerts set up. It sends me news links regarding my top vendors. Not sure if this answers the question but it does the trick for me.

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      We use a tool from Dunn and Bradd Street that tracks supplier indices and notifies us of changes that could affect financial stability of an organization. The tool allows you input suppliers and then pushes out alerts and ongoing status of the suppliers you plug in.

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      A business called Comintelli produce a knowledge management software called knowledge exchanger that uses web feeds to push news items on selected subjects (suppliers in your case) and also makes available internal documents. See Hope this helps.

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      I use a D&B tool called Supplier Risk Manager. It does a decent job of most of what you’re looking for. D&B is pretty supportive of it, which training and assistance a few times a year and I’m reasonably happy with it. I’m not sure it’s catching news like M&A rumors and officer changes, which I would also like, but for a metric based system, it works pretty well.

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      Look into the offering provided by Opera Solutions.

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      I have provided a link to a webcast and client case study that may be helpful

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      ISG’s has two solutions to meet the client request for a service that pushes critical information about their top suppliers that would the company in either a positive or negative way.

      1. ISG’s City Risk Assessment which tracks and assesses nine (9) risk families that can have a potential impact on business operations and evaluates and assesses the correlational association of risk families.
      2. ISG’s Governance Services which is a multi-year, managed service that provides consistency and rigor for post contract support of managing third party service agreements for approximately 22 key processes. This includes ISG’s emerging Supplier Monitoring & Intelligence process to provide clients with timely information about events and changes to their suppliers which may affect the viability of supply, operations or reputation.

      Below is a brief summary of these two offerings which ISG would be happy to discuss our offering in further detail.

      City Risk Assessment

      The ISG City Risk Assessments tracks and assesses nine (9) risk families that can have a potential impact on business operations. Currently ISG tracks 97 various risks classified under the below risk families. Additionally, ISG evaluates and assesses the correlational association of risk families. E.g. A geological risk like flood would trigger a pandemic risk like cholera. ISG uses an association matrix that associates risks and their correlation to other risks.

      Risk Families
      Social & Legal

      The ISG City Risk Grid provides a summary level view of the targeted cities within a country. The example below shows a view of target city (data is illustrative) comparing nine risk families data to show current annual status on risk front. This provides a summary of the city’s risk profile and the degree of risk associated with each family in the city.

      Exhibit 1: Sample Risk Radii and Risk-O-Meter showing current annual risk score

      ISG further classifies risks and maps them on a risk radii for better mitigation assessments. A risk radii is aimed to help the user quickly assess the most significant risks based on likelihood and impact of the events on business operations. Risk clustering helps users quickly create a list of all risks.

      ISG covers risk alerts for significant events that may have a Medium to High Impact on business operations. The risk alert covers the event details along with ISG’s assessment of the event. The assessment is represented in a detailed report with a graphical representation of the impact assessment based on primary reports available.

      ISG’s Governance Services

      Our Governance Services is a managed service that provides consistency and rigor for post contract support of managing third party service agreements. Our Processes are focused on financial, contract, risk, and relationship and performance management driving value through agility, controls and processes.

      ISG’s emerging Supplier Monitoring & Intelligence process provides clients with timely information about events and changes to their suppliers which may affect the viability of supply, operations or reputation. ISG’s role would be to:
      -Identify best sources of intelligence
      -Program news feeds and data gathering rules and filters into external sources (either leveraging the client subscriptions or ISG direct subscriptions)
      -Analyze intelligence data for possible risks to Client, including reputation or brand impact from Supplier actions
      -Escalation to Risk Management if Supplier Intelligence indicates potential Supplier financial, operational, governmental, cultural, environmental impacts.

      The key steps in the process that occur on an ongoing basis include selecting the appropriate topics, filters and recipients; gathering intelligence and filters, distributing and analyze and maintaining intelligence sources. The business value of the service provides timely notification of possible supply chain interruptions or potential breach of supplier obligations.

      This process can be linked to the Risk Management process that facilitates Client development of their Risk Mitigation Strategy. This process identifies, analyzes, evaluates, monitors and reports on risks relating to Suppliers to:

      -Gain an understanding of the current risk level of the supply base, and to be able to identify areas of unacceptable risk
      -Reduce the risk through active monitoring and reporting on Risk Profile and Treatment Plans for the supply base
      -Provide ongoing monitoring of priorities, plans and risk levels. Monthly reporting to identify risk increases and reductions.

      These processes would be supported through ISG’s Governance managed service that was formed in 2004 as a core business for ISG and is one of the fastest growing lines of business in the organization today. ISG today manages more than $11 billion in Total Contract Value (TCV) for its clients. More than 200 outsourcing governance professionals serve our Governance Services clients. ISG processes are tested, proven and scalable supporting thousands of changes, work orders and invoices.

      ISG’s leverages Next Generation technology to support reporting, processes, and data to manage risks and support overall governance of supplier contracts and relationships. ISG’s Managed Services Portal (MSP) is a best-of-breed tool combined with ISG best practices for analytics and reporting, executive dashboards, process automation, business rules for governance, metrics and SLA monitoring, multidimensional data modeling, data collection, and document management.

      Kind Regards,

      Tina Roy

      Description: Description: Description: test-isg-large-4.jpg

      +1 512 815-9200 Mobile
      [email protected] |

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      We are responding to your recent SIG Peer-to-Peer inquiry about possible supplier monitoring solutions that may provide, among other things, updates about critical events on a “push” basis.

      Neo Group is a SIG Member and a 14 year old company that provides exactly the type of solution you reference on a cloud-basis to such companies as Novartis, Northern Trust and Applied Materials. Our solution grew out of companies need to continuously monitor their suppliers on an ongoing basis. Global Supply Risk Monitor provides clients with Quarterly Analytics that monitor and analyze 350+ inputs, and, importantly, Event Alerts that are pushed to the GSRM portal and to subscribers emails as critical events that may impact either a subscribers specific Suppliers or Locations may occur. The cloud-based solution is provided on a subscription basis, and clients simply select the Suppliers, Cities, or Country locations of import to them.

      Some of the types of Event Alerts that get issued for example, include

      Significant Changes in ownership and promoter holdings
      Any possibility changes in organizational structure/top order management
      Specific Board Member Changes
      Any data security / frauds/malpractices reported against suppliers. For example, we issued an alert for IBM-taking unfair advantage to help secure the Queensland health contract.
      Supplier an location credit changes
      Formation of new labor unions in IT/BPO sector
      Initiatives taken by the government to protect the investors’ interest
      Significant changes or news about possible changes in Power supply in any particular location
      Key IP findings
      Cyber-security policy changes
      Geopolitical events / impacts
      Additional Event Alert “triggers” are described in the attached materials, which also provide an overview of Global Supply Risk Monitor, additional related services with a customizable features, and sample Supplier and Location analytics for your review.

      We welcome the opportunity to review the materials with you and answer any questions you mate have. Your can reach us at (775)354-5564 or [email protected]

      See attached NEO Group Overview.

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      You could look at setting up Google alerts and having them sent to your supplier group. That will give you real-time information. Its quick, easy and most cost effective. For 100 suppliers, you will not get too much “breaking news”‚ every day, hence this may be the most practical and cost effective solution

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