Sourcing Policies: Various Policy Questions to Benchmark

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      We are benchmarking on the following sourcing policies and would appreciate your feedback on any or all of the following:

      1. Do you have a Policy that defines requirements for competitive bidding? Do you require justification (and at what organizational level) to avoid competitive bidding when the conditions are met that would require competitive bidding? Can you provide a copy of that Policy?

      2. Do you use the terms Alliance, Preferred and/or Strategic Vendor? What are your definitions? How do these differ in how the work is awarded? What are some examples? Does your Purchasing Policy set governance over these different types of agreements?

      3. Are your long-term contracts exclusive/non-exclusive/or do you have both? If non-exclusive, how do you determine how individual work scopes are awarded.

      4. Do you sign/countersign purchase orders/contracts? When you have signed Agreements (Master Services, etc.), purchase orders, or contracts with your suppliers, who signs first, you or the supplier?

      5. Who can contractually commit your company? Is that defined in your Purchasing Policy? Remember, SIG will sanitize and remit for your approval, any documents you wish to donate.

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