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      We would like to build a list of mission statements for sourcing/procurement/category management organizations. 

      Will you please take a moment and share yours? 

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      SIG collected the responses from our members and summarized below. Or you can visit this page and download a list.  And you may also want to review this whitepaper on the topic. 

      1.Listen for need, source with speed.

      2.To enable our company to make the best* decisions for its supplier spend. *best = optimizing for, business objectives, cost, growth, risk, etc.

      3.We balance Quality, Total Cost, Risk Revenue and Efficiency in our Buying decisions.

      4.From one company: 

      a.At Director Level – Mission Statement: The role of Operations Material Sourcing, Planning and Analysis is to provide parts and supplies to our maintenance customers when and where needed that meet division quality standards at an optimal price and value.

      b.At VP Level – Vision Statement: An organization that utilizes value-driven sourcing strategies and applies best-in-class processes, procedures and analytics to inventory allocation and management.

      c.Sourcing Strategy: Achieve the best value by leveraging demand and the competitive market while continually enhancing level of service to our network. Best Value – Total Cost and Value to [the company], full range of pricing mechanisms and customer service. Demand – Optimal bundling / segmentation of components. Competitive Market – Leveraging the entire supplier market and inclusive of alternatives 

      5.Enable our colleagues to procure goods and services with the best total cost and value and strongest possible contractual protections through best-in-class strategies, tools, risk mitigation and service quality.

      6.Our mission statement is to provide “Experience of a Lifetime” for our guests and our employees. Specific to our Procurement vision, “Create a world-class procurement organization to drive strategic/sustainable value to [the company]”.  

      7.We don’t have a Sourcing-specific mission statement, but we do have what we call a customer benefit statement: “Find, buy, and pay for products and services when you need them, at the best value.”  It’s intended to be in the words of a customer, so unlike a vision or mission statement, it’s not going to sound very aspirational.  

      8.Our charge is to be the resource of choice for our customers, providing value-added support and direction by establishing and maintaining strategic vendor relationships that achieve the best combination of pricing and delivery of goods and services. We enable our customers to obtain goods and services by the most efficient and expedient means available. We ensure that our customers’ expectations and requirements are met through contract and program management. Through strategic supplier alliances, we provide the best return on investments possible for the corporation and all affiliated companies.

      9.Partner with our Lines of Business to drive success by maximizing supplier value to enhance [Company Name]’s ability to serve our members.

      10.Best Value for Money; Improve the Customer Experience; Protect the [the company]

      11.Mission = Enable [Company] Business Success; Strategy = Add Value & Save Money, Be Recognized for Excellence, Improve the Customer Experience, Be a Trusted Partner

      12.We, the Spend Management Organization, partner with our internal customers and suppliers, to lead [the company] in realizing value and maximizing efficiencies in each non-merchandise category. We will remain flexible and responsive while we develop creative solutions to meet the needs of all [the company] stakeholders.

      13.From one company:

      a.Our Mission: The Procurement and Supply Chain provides support to the organization that ensures integrity and fairness, with centralized responsibility for oversight of bid solicitation, vendor selection, negotiation, award, contract management, reporting, logistical and warehousing support. 

      b.Our Vision: Procurement & Supply Chain will provide world class support to Operations and Development by sourcing goods and services at the best value, ensuring appropriate quality standards are met, storing goods safely, and delivering it timely to the point of use.

      14.Procurement Mission Statement: To support our Company’s strategic goals by maximizing the value-per-dollar spent on goods and services, through ethical, objective and efficient procurement processes in close partnership with internal stakeholders and collaboration with suppliers, and to enable effective purchasing channels for our [environment].

      15.Source-to-Pay enables [our] employees to find, buy, and pay for products and services when they need them, at the best value. Source-to-Pay strategically acts as the steward of category leadership, sourcing project execution (such as RFPs and contracts), transaction processing and payments, and performance management of our supply base.

      16.Value, Service and Innovation commensurate with the brand we represent.


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