Recent Trends in SAP Pricing for Enterprise Applications

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      We are going through our Enterprise Agreement renewal with SAP.  We would like to collect some trend information from our peer group that also partners with SAP. We aren’t looking for any confidential or exact data, but we are hoping to understand recent trends in SAP pricing for Enterprise Applications. What are others seeing as a discount %? If not exact, it is going up or down? 

      (For example, we typically see SAP offer around 60% off of list price for a long-term enterprise deal; however for our latest tru-up, that dropped to about 55%. We are curious if we should expect that 60% to go up or down for an enterprise renewal in 2018)

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      There is a very valuable Gartner Report that sets the Market (pricing, terms, negotiable zones, and other buyers competitive information survey) to help negotiate with the likes of Googles, Microsoft, IBM, HP, SAP, or Cloud service providers.

      Link is helpful:

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