Procure-to-Pay solutions capable of managing the data and workflows across our organizational structure

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      Our company is beginning to investigate Procure-to-Pay solutions capable of managing the data and workflows across our organizational structure:

      •GL, AP (including invoicing), AR Fixed Assets, Cash Management

      •Purchasing / Procurement (at a minimum PO issuance)

      •Forms Recognition

      As a part of this process, we are looking for an external consultant with knowledge in the P2P space who can help assist us in the following areas:

      •Assessment of our current environment

      •Provide recommendations on solutions in the marketplace

      •Creation and development of a roadmap to migrate from our current platforms

      •Transition assistance

      We would like to hear your recommendations on consultants/organizations who can assist us throughout this process.  Additionally, we welcome any additional insights / experiences you may have with P2P systems, functionality, lessons learned, etc.   


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      I can help out with the below request.  Feel free to share my email and I would be happy to connect with our SIG peer.  Have a great day!

      Thank you!


      Karen Lechner  •  Marketing Communications Category Manager  •  IBM Procurement Services (IPS) Delivery

      (  Office & Fax Number 720-395-3321   )  [email protected] 


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      My name is Scott Boruff, and I’m a Director at PwC in our Advisory practice. We have a broad set of experience in the Procure-to-Pay (P2P) space and regularly help our clients solve the issues mentioned in the email above. I’d be interested in learning more and seeing if we could also help in this case.

      Scott | [email protected]

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      This is a capability we possess. 

      John J Fafian | PwC | Director

      Office: 646 471 5755 | Mobile: 917 533 7997 | Mobile: 917 572 7054

      Email: [email protected]

      PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

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      Tradeshift is well positioned to assist with request.  We would welcome the opportunity to have an initial phone conversation to better understand their environment, needs, and priorities.

      Tradeshift delivers measurable value via Tradeshift’s unique network that connects buyers and suppliers as easily as LinkedIn connects professionals. Unlike others in this space, we don’t push away suppliers or charge them to invoice, because we know that supplier participation is key to the success of the P-2-P ecosystem.  

      Our network is based on a proven foundational platform that hosts a variety of applications developed by TradeShift, our clients, and certified third parties.  This unique network approach allows us to boast time to value as our hallmark.  For instance, on-boarding  of suppliers is accomplished in a small fraction of the time required by non-network based on-premise application alternatives.  Our SaaS strategy is both comprehensive and nimble.

      David Crea

      [email protected] | Cell: +1 206-619-9393

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      We work with a lot of consultants as you can imagine and I would recommend The Shelby Group for this inquiry. 


      Steve Gulyas  | P: (847) 691-9244 | E: [email protected]

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      We had implemented P2P a few years ago and experienced the following issues.  In the Procurement module, the system does not accept negative values. Which can be troublesome if you are wanting to show any discounts from the vendor.

      For the invoice module, the system that we used requires vendors to add an invoice routing code where the invoice is sent to a 3rd party scanning vendor. The vendors all experienced issues with adding this code to the invoices. If the vendor omitted this routing code the invoice was not entered into the system. This issue resulted in our accounts to be placed on credit hold.

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      Navigator Management Partners in Columbus would be my #1 recommendation.  KPMG and PWC would also be alternatives with expertise in this space.

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      I would highly recommend Protiviti,  I worked there for 13 years and this is directly in their wheelhouse.

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      We used Deloitte.  The scope captured in the inquiry was a portion of our larger transformational engagement.  Our engagement partner is still with Deloitte if you would like his contact.  There are a number of firms that can support this evaluation , recommendation and transition assistance.  We were pleased with the evaluation, selection and implementation process.

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      At [our company] we used an independent guy who’s one of the best I’ve ever seen. 

      Thomas Michael | [email protected]

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      My firm, Neo Group (, has the advisory experience and expertise to assist this SIG member.  We have supported clients with P2P current-state assessments, future-state strategy and planning, sourcing and transition, and governance including change management and communications.

      Al Crew  |  Partner and SVP  |  Neo Group

      [email protected]  |  C: 651.428.9516  |

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      This is spot-on what our teams excel at with clients.  

      Geoff Peters | Principal | The Hackett Group – Strategy & Business Transformation 

       tel: +1 312 325 2937 | fax: +1 312 325 2901 | cell +1 773 251 4413 

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      We have worked extensively with Accenture and Deliotte and rate both very highly.

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      Bavelos is a company I would recommend for looking at P2P.  Tom Glassanos is the principal.

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      The Hackett Group is a process improvement and benchmarking consulting firm. We specialize in helping organizations with their back-office effectiveness and efficiency including, but not limited to; PTP, OTC, ATR, HR and IT processes. We offer a full-service suite of offerings such as benchmarking current performance against world-class and peer companies, service placement and service delivery model strategy as well as implementation support.  

      Mark Woessner | Senior Director | The Hackett Group | 239-233-9225

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      Larger Firms

      •Deloitte – Uses a very strong process that is similar to PWC. Another Analyst did not recommend Deloitte since they are also implementers. They may steer you towards their own availability of implementation expertise.

      •PWC – Uses a very strong process that is very similar to Deloitte. This firm is recommended.

      •KPMG – Highly Recommended Vendor. KPMG has great evaluation process and experienced consultants.

      •Bering Point – Highly Recommended. They are a smaller Vendor but can be very flexible to adjust based on any unique business needs/requirements.

      •Accenture – Not recommended. Accenture has a strong relationship with Oracle.

      Other Smaller Firms 

      •Booz Allen Hamilton – Recommend but very small and not well known.

      •Boston Consulting Group




      The recommended approach was to pick 3 firms and give them an overview of what we want to do. Have each firm give an overview of their approach. Ask each firm to provide experienced individuals who have experience with ERP strategy. 

      The top 3 Recommended Consulting Vendors from Gartner

      1.Bering Point



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      We used “The Hackett Group” for a very similar initiative conducted in 2015 and 2016 here.

      While I wish to remain anonymous, I would HIGHLY recommend them for the work they did for us across all the areas indicated.

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      This guy is the best and perfect fit to your ask.

      Gary Stoddard, Partner | [email protected]

      phone: 513.374.8662

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      Accenture has a dedicated unit to this process.  Also Tata and Infosys can be of assistance with their consulting group.

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      We have worked with ISG, KPMG, Deloitte and others. 

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      Aquiire’s intelligent real-time Procure-to-Pay (P2P) suite brings the convenience and simplicity of the consumer shopping experience to the business user with unparalleled compliance and savings. Aquiire features patented universal search and shopping, machine learning, actionable intelligence and collaborative supplier enablement solutions. Aquiire’s best-in-class intuitive user interface (UI) and the exclusive visual shopping tool KlarityTM allow users to instantly refine real-time universal search results across any internal or external catalogs available to them in a single search. The real-time processing of structured and unstructured data also powers advanced capabilities like instant alerts, risk analysis, analytics and price/product compliance enforcement. 

      Paulie Anthony | Director of Marketing | O: 513/285.8385 | | 

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      I can suggest Paystream Advisors

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      We were in the exact same position 2.5 years ago.  We used KPMG to assist with Assessments, Supplier vetting, RPF creation and business case development including ROI.  We were very pleased with KPMG.

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      I’d like to add my company, Source One Management Services, into the list.  We’ve been doing strategic sourcing and procurement optimization for over 25 years and P2P advisory is part of our procurement transformation service area.

      Ken Gaul | Associate Director | Source One Management Services, LLC | Direct Line: 267-913-6274

      For help with Strategic Sourcing please visit

      For free e-sourcing tools, please visit

      We wrote the book

      Read our blog at

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      ProcureAbilityTM (formerly Denali Group) provides a wide range of advisory support across all areas of procurement and supply chain improvement, including technology assessment, optimization and enablement.  

      Our approach to technology is to provide both the procurement / P2P process expertise and the technology knowledge to serve as the bridge between the business stakeholders and the technical solution providers (technology firms, implementation partners).  We do not provide technical implementation services so we are not linked to any specific solution but rather focus on identifying and helping you implement the solution best suited for your needs.

      Example of projects:

      -Create a business case and implementation roadmap for an end to end P2P solution at a F200 retailer

      -Provide business process redesign and change management and business program management support for an Ariba P2P implementation for a large hospitality company

      -Conduct a P2P process improvement project at a leading agri-business

      -E-procurement strategy, Zycus implementation support and training development for a healthcare company

      A couple of insights on P2P systems:

      -One of the focus of an initial assessment should be on process.  It is key to understand the current processes, identify gaps and design a to-be process and objectives prior to selecting a solution.  Various solutions have constraints that are not always made apparent during the sales process (a lot of “yes, we can do it”) and that should be understood ahead of time.

      -Most providers started their P2P or S2P solution from one side of the spectrum and have evolved it into a complete solution.  This impacts how robust some of the solutions are at the various stages of the process and some of the constraints built into the software.  It is key to clearly define the expected benefits of a P2P solution at the various stages of the process.  As an example, Ariba started on Sourcing (or upstream as they sometimes refer to it) and resulted in two database structures linked together to provide the complete solution.  This impacts how contracts need to be entered in the system to be able to transact against them.

      -Most systems have built-in supplier networks that are being used to communicate with vendors for PO transmission, invoice submission including PO flipping and payment status visibility.  The openness of these networks varies and some charge fees to suppliers, which should be taken into account when evaluating supplier enablement objectives.

      -Supplier enablement is typically a big and underestimated piece of the effort towards getting all vendors on the same system. Similarly, change management is key to internal user onboarding and the ultimate success of the implementation.

      -Cash management is often managed through integration with a specialized solution. Tax management should also be reviewed as part of the process, with potential integration there as well.

      Olivier Pasquier | Denali Group

      Mobile: 312.493.6022  |  [email protected]  |

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      The P2P space works well for products that are a set cost; catalog items.

      Provide users with dedicated detailed training; and test, test, test before releasing it to your internal users. 

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      Ontala is a boutique management consulting firm, led by widely recognized industry expert and principal consultant Linda Tuck Chapman. Our sole focus is sourcing optimization, outsourcing governance  and third party risk management. Linda and her team are former corporate procurement professionals who deliver “real life” practical advice and seasoned consulting advisory services. Assessments like the one described are our core competence. 

      In Linda’s last corporate CPO role, she was recruited to take the source-to-pay-to-govern organization through a transformation. This included assessing and transforming the P2P platform – sourcing and contract management tools, eprocurement, PCard, Travel and expense reimbursement, Accounts Payable and third party risk management – improving accessibility and creating global reach. As management consultants, Linda and her team have successfully completed similar assessments and transformational projects.

      Hiring a management consultancy staffed by corporate practitioners means hiring skilled people who have “walked the walk”. We can quickly translate your requirements and ideas into pragmatic solutions that really work. Give us an opportunity to work with you and you’ll never regret it!

      Linda Tuck Chapman | President 

      416.452.4635 | 917.831.2923

      [email protected]

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