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      This sourcing practitioner is seeking assistance with IT Professional Services spend, specifically samples of rate cards for IT-related services such as dev, design, implementation, maintenance/support, provided by contractors in Ukraine, Poland or India. Likewise, if you have firms providing these services using contractors in those locations, please share. 

      You can post here with samples, general descriptions or lists of agencies. Files can be sent to [email protected]


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      Eleks – sotware / programming / machine learning 

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      We at Avasant provide comprehensive rate card benchmarking services, covering over 125+ roles across IT and BPS across 50+ countries including Ukraine, Poland as well as India. You can learn more at We’ll be happy to share more with your member and set up a walkthrough. They can reach out to me for more details.




      Akshay Khanna | Managing Partner | AVASANT

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