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      This SIG member is seeking assistance with implementation of large software platform (such as a Source-to-Pay solution) and would like to engage a third party for the actual solution implementation. 

      If you have anything to share, please email [email protected]. SIG will gladly scrub and remit for your approval before sharing. 


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      We are interested in looking at the RFQ to see if we can assist.  Thank you.

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        Thank you, Andy. I will bring this to the attention of the Member requestor. 

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      I’m not clear as to what is actually being asked here.  Are you looking for questions to ask a 3rd party regarding their ability to implement a solution or are you asking for names of 3rd parties to reach out to that provide implementation services?

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        Thank you for reading and responding, Ada. We are asking the former…for questions to ask a third party. Please reply here or contact me directly at [email protected]

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      While I’m sure there were opportunities for better communication and collaboration from both sides, based on a 2021 implementation of iCertis CLM, I would NOT recommend using Cloud Moyo. 

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        Thank you to this buy-side anonymous member for posting such valuable feedback. If any SIG member readers would like more information on this post, please reach out to [email protected]. I will contact the poster to see if they want to identify themselves and/or share more insights.

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      Thank you to our generous community member at Workers’ Compensation Board – Alberta, who donated these sample RFP documents for Procure-to-Pay solution adoption. 

      Click here to review in the SIG Resource Center. 

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      Thank you to our generous community members who sourced these examples of implementation services related to solutions for procurement.

      This example in the SIG Resource Center is for the implementation of an ERP system. 

      This example in the SIG Resource Center is for the implementation of an account and procurement system. 


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      Thank you to Simfoni for donating these incredibly comprehensive workbook template. It is a requirements questionnaire for a Source to Contract tool. 

      Click here to download this template in the SIG Resource Center. 

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      I went about it in a slightly different way. No less effective. We sat as a team, together with IT, and evaluated all of the risks an implementation project would/could incur. What we came up with served both as an RFP component as well as a risk management component.

      The list might not be comprehensive for your client, but I suspect it might cover 95% or more of the issues that need to be asked for. Key is to get the SoW buttoned down – would start with

      1.Get the current process mapped out

      2.Get the consultants to map the gap between current and imbedded /future process

      3.Make sure all the “asks” from the user base are captured

      4.Make sure that the SoW is tight and doesn’t leave room for “change management” procedures, or you’ll get implementation partners use that mechanism to essentially blow the budget out of the water.


      I include the list that was developed.


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      Thank you to the San Francisco 49ers for sharing this sample RFP for S2P solution implementation. 

      Click here to access and download from the Resource Center. 

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      Some sample questions that might be helpful:

      • Do key members of the implementation team get vetted by the client for fit in 1) skill and 2) fit within the team?
      • Can a client request a member of the implementation team to be replaced if there are issues (skill, culture)?
      • Please describe how a typical implementation works?  What are the roles and responsibilities of you (the provider) and us (the client).  Please clarify not only how the implementation will be executed but how issues will be managed, status presented, etc. Be sure to clearly define your change management policy.
      • Please attach a proposed Statement of Work with timeframes, resources, deliverables and a RACI matrix for this proposed initiative along with incorporated change management process.


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      I have been on both sides of this, as both a customer and a services provider for two P2P software companies. Depending upon how significant of a change it is for this buying company, then the approach could be different. Meaning, do they already have a P2P system and are looking to make a change, or is it manual today, and using a system will be completely new to them? I would first reach out to the software providers to get their recommendations on System Integrators (SI’s) that have a strong track record of implementing their software for companies of similar size and scope to your buying company.  Then, if this is considered to be a big change for this company, then I would look to augment the recommended SI’s with a consulting firm that knows the buying company and the culture, so that an effective change management approach can be utilized to augment the technical implementation of the system. This consulting firm should have successfully rolled out other enterprise systems at the buying company. 


      I know that isn’t really just one question, but more of an overarching approach. If you are just looking for one question, then I think the buying organization needs to outline the current environment, their pain points, what they are looking to achieve, and then ask the providers to come up with an initial plan and approach to roll out the system throughout their company. Allow the providers time to ask their questions of the buying company and my feedback would be that the SI’s that ask the most questions, will put together the best plan, as they will be seeking to set the buying organization up for success. 


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      I have used many…but here is an important area…question for some of my business partners:  

      Describe the administrative user interface.  Does it have a browser-based administration client? Does the administrative user interface support role-based delegation (based on groups or directory hierarchy)?


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      Thank you to another anonymous donor who shared this supplier qualification and requirements questionnaire for Source to Pay implementation. 

      Click here to access and download this excellent and comprehensive workbook from the Resource Center. 

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      Some sample questions/requirements:

      •Brief introduction to the Firm- Provide a brief introduction, qualifications, and background of your firm.

      •Relevant Experience – Provide a listing of businesses or organizations in which the requested services have been implemented and is still in use.

      •Proposed Solution- Describe the recommended solution, including all detail regarding requirements, including but not limited to: additional unforeseen software, training, etc. Discuss how you would work with XXXX staff to ensure that XXXXXXX needs are adequately met. 

      •Project Approach- Please provide your project approach and the appropriate project governance and transformational skills.

      •Project Staff – List the roles and responsibilities that will be assigned to the project, their experience and how much of their time will be allocated to the project. Please provide the details of onsite, nearshore & offshore. Also languages skills proposed team can cover. Please share the sample profiles or actual profiles of resources.

      •Project timeline –  Please include an estimated timeline including milestones and tasks. Project start date is tentative XXXXXXXXXXX

      •Deliverables – Please provide documentation describing the suggested project approach and execution plan. All deliverables of the migration are property OF XXXXXXXXX

      •Costs – Costs must be broken down into an inventory, design and planning part, a setup and implementation part, a migration part, a testing part, a training part and a maintenance part and in case of additional requests an estimate about consultancy effort. Please use the supplied cost template (attachment A). Travel and lodging expenses for the drawing of the RFP must be considered as pre-sales and are not part of the RFP proposal. Travel and lodging expenses as part of the execution of the RFP are in scope of the proposal. XXXXXXXXX  demands to receive a fixed price prosposal.

      •References –  Provide a name, contact name & telephone number, and website address for at least two (2) references to be contacted as to your performance on similar projects.  Similar companies with multiple manufacturing sites (global), and corporation structure preferred. 

      •Risk – Please provide an overview of identified risks in this RFP and proposed solutions.

      •Assumptions -Please provide an overview of the assumptions your organisation made with this RFP.


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      Another generous donation from the SIG Community. 

      Click here to access and download from the Resource Center. 

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      Another generous donation from our SIG community can be found in the Resource Center here

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