Governance: Best Practices for P2P

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    We are currently optimizing our procure-to-pay governance capabilities. We are seeking advice and lessons learned, particularly from those SIG buy-side members and their advisor/providers who are currently doing the same or have recently completed such an initiative.

    We want to know how best to structure our P2P governance model so that it drives a consistent strategy across our processes, policies and tools. Our company is global, and has the added complexity in which its P2P infrastructure consists of both Direct and Indirect spend. These functions are not centralized and the tools, processes and policies that support them are not either. We are looking to address the following:

    • Governance structure
    • Goals and Mission
    • Success Measures
    • Meeting Cadence and duration
    • Frameworks for data collection
    • Expected Hurdles
    • How to set priorities across competing interests


    Any insights, best practices, policies or analysis you can provide would be appreciated. In addition, if you prefer to discuss via telecom, please ask SIG to arrange this.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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