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    We are looking for a tool to assess Compliance risks (e.g. counterfeiting, fraud, money laundering, bribery, corruption…) related to companies (public and private) and individuals.

    1. Which tools have you considered?
    2. Which tool have you selected and why?
    3. What are the limitations of the selected tool? Do you have to conduct additional activity/research?



    If I can be of assistance to this SIG member just let me know. About half of our clients are global companies managing 3rd parties for bribery and corruption risk and the other half are banks managing for all kinds of risk including bribery and AML.

    Companies such as Alcoa, Merck, News Corp, AstraZeneca, Halliburton, VMware, Anadarko, Jabil, Rockwell Automation use Hiperos to manage their 3rd parties for compliance risks. Our solution comes pre-wired for screening with Thomson Reuters World-Check and Dow Jones. We provide the software application that automates (and documents) the due diligence process and we use the subscription data providers to vet our 3rd parties against the bad guys lists.

    Many of the 3rd parties being managed in Hiperos are providers, but as many are on the revenue side of the P&L: distributors, resellers, offshore agents, value-added dealers, etc.

    Thanks, I hope that this helps.

    Mark DeLuca, hiperos
    Office: 908-981-0083
    Cell: 973-214-8053
    Skype: MarkDeLuca
    Email: [email protected]


    The two charts below provide a good overview of the key functionality of tools in the market that focus on Compliance / Risk Assessment. They fall into two categories of tools: (1) Governance Risk Compliance or GRC, (2) Third Party Management or TPM.

    We have assisted many of our clients to select and negotiate contracts for GRC and TPM solutions. The charts provide you with a summary of the market for such software tools and places them in best in class quadrants. I hope this helps.

    Craig Nelson
    [email protected]


    1.Which tools have you considered? riskmethods

    2.Which tool have you selected and why? riskmethods, firstly due to their comprehensive approach. They not only cover compliance risks, they have about 80 risk indicators they monitor in total, including supplier corruption and bribery, sanctioned persons, sanctioned suppliers, IP security, etc. They also are looking at “Supply Chain Risk” not just “Supplier Risk” meaning they monitor all the risk objects along your supply chain (such as seaports, airports, production sites, countries, etc.). Their interface is easy-to-use, visual, and interactive. Another major reason was their fast onboarding process requiring minimal effort for activation.

    3.What are the limitations of the selected tool? Do you have to conduct additional activity/research? We need to conduct additional research for our private suppliers as this information is not always available via riskmethods’ data sources as those companies do not need to publish their data.

    Hope that helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions!

    Laura Enny, riskmethods
    Cell: 609-961-1793
    Email: [email protected]

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