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      A SIG member from the buy-side has a contract with their Facility Management firm expiring in Dec 2021, and is currently undergoing renewal negotiations.

      They are seeking information on pricing structure, contract structure, new ideas on revenue, cost efficiencies, etc.  

      Please reply to this note if: 

      • You have experience with sourcing facilities management, or are actively researching current trends and/or 
      • You are interested in benchmarking with this member as they finalize their negotiations

      Advisors, consultants and providers are welcome to respond. 

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      At LogicSource, we have decades of indirect sourcing and procurement expertise, real-time market intelligence, cross-portfolio spending leverage and our OneMarket procurement technology suite, which drives sustainable profit improvement for some of the world’s most recognizable brands.


      Specifc to Facilities Management sourcing projects, we have a team of 5 subject matter experts in Facilities with very deep market intelligence/pricing data.

      In the past 6 months we have executed on 158 projects year todate, broken down as folllows:

      – 80 Market Intelligence/Benchmarking projects

      – 46 End to end RFx events

      – 28 Incumbent supplier direct negotiations

      –  4 Strategic sourcing blind RFx projects

      Our delivery model is very flexible and can be customized to your needs.  We would enjoy engaging in an exploratory conversation if you should you find this overview of interest.  Please contact me, Sam Vail, via email at [email protected].

      In advance, thank you for your consideration of our firm and I look forward to connecting with you.

      Best regards,

      Sam Vail

      Managing Partner


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      This sounds like another one that is a good opportunity to re-introduce the SIG community to SAP Ariba Discovery, where any buyer can do research and post their immediate sourcing needs, and do research on more than 4 million suppliers across 20k categories.  The best part is SAP Ariba Discovery is open to everyone -and its free to post opportunities and free to respond!  And my quick search of “Facilities Management & Operations” shows me there are more than 7k providers in our database!


      For more information on how our team can help potential buyers use SAP Ariba Discovery to connect with suppliers, feel free to reach out to the following contact and let them know they heard we could help from the SIG Community! 


      Erik Orange 

      Enterprise Consultant 

      [email protected]


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