Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – Approach for procurement policies with service

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      This SIG buy-side member is seeking assistance in applying ESG to purchasing policies, specifically the ‘E’ initially. This member has an added challenge because they are a financial services company that primarily buys services/indirect so creating a policy around services isn’t as straight forward as one for buying goods with an integrated supply chain. They also don’t do a very high volume of RFPs given their size and preferred service vendors in place. 

      This member writes, “I’d be grateful to hear any thoughts to help me get thinking in the right direction.”

      Will you take a moment and share some of your insights or advice? 

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      Happy to help.    If you want to reach out – we can discuss further.  [email protected]

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      you need to get creative when most of your spend is services/indirect. Here are some ideas: 


      *They likely purchase IT equipment so you can work with  suppliers to  develop a take back and recycle program for the cardboard waste. This could also apply to office supplies as well. 

      *Asset disposal opportunities – work with non profits or suppliers to donate IT assets vs. discarding; when decommissioning spaces, donate furniture. If you have employee cafe furniture,  this is very popular for non profits that work to set people  up in homes

      *White paper disposal-you likely have the big blue bins to drop confidential/white paper for destruction. Iron Mountain has a great program where they will quantify  the waste in terms of tonnage recycled, savings on water and electricity. 

      *Buildings/Property – develop standards for LED builds, building waste standards, low VOC products


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      As you know, EcoVadis supports purchasing groups with programmatic ESG management. Amanda (cc’d) and I specifically work with financial services organizations where Amanda specializes in working with service organizations more broadly, who primarily buy services/indirect. 

      We would be happy to meet with your member and share some thoughts on the topic! You are welcome to share our contact information if they would like to get in touch, or put us in touch directly. We look forward to being able to share insights on this! 

      Warm Regards,

      Alexandra van der Pol | Sales Development Team Lead

      EcoVadis | Business Sustainability Ratings

      Office: +1 (347) 480 7206

      Email: [email protected]

      Calendar: https://calendly.com/avanderpol

      Location: Toronto, ON

      Site: http://www.ecovadis.com


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      I’d be happy to discuss each (E…S…and G) as they relate to creating or improving policies and procedures.


      Lisa Westgate

      LN Westgate, LLC | Founder

      New Dominion Consulting | Partner

      Office: +1 (774) 284 – 2397

      Email: [email protected]

      Calendar: https://calendly.com/lisa-1054/30min

      Site: http://www.LNWestgate.com

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      Marla DePaolis

      Has anyone had success in identifying and setting goals/metrics for your Procurement Team to measure tied to ESG initiatives? I am looking to add metrics beyond Spend Under Management, Savings, Rebates, Cost Avoidance, etc. as part of our quarterly value reporting.

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