Do you have experience sourcing RPA or AI contracts?

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      At the upcoming SIG 2017 Fall Global Summit, the SIG Resource Center (SRC) Thought Leaders Council (TLC) will be presenting the second part in their series on sourcing and  Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

      In this session, the Thought Leaders will provide an overview of the market, present specific case studies on contracting for RPA and AI, discuss the criticality of using the correct taxonomy, and invite insights from the audience. 

      In preparation for this presentation, and as always, to build the SRC, we are seeking the following regarding any projects in which you have selected RPA or AI as a solution for your business need.

      As a reminder, any materials or case studies donated will be treated with confidentiality. We will not use/publish company names without prior written consent. 

      We would be delighted by any contribution of any of the following types of materials or other similar materials that SIG members might find helpful.

      1)Your insights

      a.How did you identify the need? 

      b.What made you select RPA or AI? 

      c.How did you gather your intelligence? 

      d.How did you build your scope of work/requirements? 

      e.How did you finalize the bidder list? 

      f.How did you negotiate the contract? What does your pricing schedule look like? 

      g.How did you deal with implementation? What about change management? Planned and unplanned changes? 

      h.How did you work within your organization to sell the idea?

      i.What obstacles did you face?

      j.How did you work with your IT function to get what you needed done? 

      2)Your documentation

      a.Business cases

      b.Sourcing/bidding templates

      c.Contract clauses/language

      d.Questionnaires/Requirements/Scopes of work

      e.Pricing Schedules

      f. Governance frameworks

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