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      I am part of the Procurement Team at our organization (a media company) and have recently been assigned to the exciting project of Buying Channel Optimization whereby we are looking at setting up a long term strategy to improve our buying efficiency by increasing the purchases made through Catalogs, P-Cards, Outline Agreements, etc..

      We would like to hear of companies similar to ours (4,500+ active PO vendors set across globally) which have developed a long term and steady program/team dedicated to Buying Channels.

      Will you please take a moment to describe your strategy?

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      The recommended path is to use one tool to consolidate all your channels into one. Also we believe the future of the solutions to minimize extra work and maximize visibility and control is to use virtual cards and networked catalogs. By networked catalogs, we mean catalogs that are maintained in real-time by the suppliers so pricing, pictures, descriptions are always accurate. Also, search capabilities are paramount in guided buying, showing preferred suppliers first, showing previously bought items by others in the company. Lastly, the ability to easily collaborate with procurement so that they can provide guidance…some tools have an easy way to communicate/collaborate with procurement via a chat panel within the eprocurement tool. – Thanks, Vishal from Tradeshift

      Vishal Patel | Tradeshift | [email protected]

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      Yes – very familiar with the Media needs and Procurement changes in those environments. I’ve worked with several LA based media firms on the similar topics you have requested. How would you like to connect us?

      Michael Markos | Managing Director

      Phone: +1 (714) 269-2653 | [email protected] |

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