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About the Client
A global engineering equipment manufacturer Industry Industrial Manufacturing

Business Need Addressed
Visibility into global inventory levels to reduce raw...

About the Client
Miami Children’s Hospital - A world leader in pediatric healthcare.

Business Need Addressed
Enhanced patient experience by reducing waiting/discharge time and...

This paper discusses 10 decision factors around selecting the optimal location and provider.

What strategies did eBay use to ensure its business processes could support the company s fast growth?

This whitepaper reviews how the new SEPSM Methodology Delivers Enterprise-Level Effectiveness of the Source-To-Pay Process

This paper explains how Lean exercises can help save patients, time and money all at once.

This paper presents Genpact's findings from applying Lean using its proprietary methodology of Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) to specific processes in Indian hospitals.

A whitepaper on optimizing Hospital services and processes.

The shock of the near financial collapse, combined with continued high unemployment, has placed significant pressure on companies to preserve cash and weather a slow recovery. The Commerce...