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Forty-one major enterprise buyers of outsourcing and eight leading service
providers came together in New York City (April 2012) to discuss these
challenges inherent in today’s...

Innovation is a tricky business. There is no magic formula to getting it right, and as Booz & Company's Global Innovation 1000 study has shown consistently for the past eight years, spending...

In 2012, data traffic grew at explosive rates, but monetization lagged behind; telecom companies must resolve this paradox this year by choosing how they approach the market.

Despite some positive signs, particularly in the U.S. manufacturing sector, industrial companies face shrinking growth in revenue and earnings. They will need to think differently about their...

After the roller-coaster year of 2012, it’s easy to overlook the exciting opportunities in life sciences: technological advances, new business models, and global markets.

With lower interest rates, greater capital requirements, and more competition for customers, winning banks must treat every dollar as precious and focus on improving performance.

The industry faces a once-in-a-generation inflection point, as military procurement realigns around new technologies and upstart product lines.

Innovation is more critical in the automotive industry today than ever before—and it is changing the balance between automakers and their suppliers.

Superstorm Sandy made the challenge for public utilities clear: They must take advantage of a historic economic moment by investing in infrastructure and next-generation capabilities.

Energy producers had to work harder for profits in 2012. As supply rises and demand levels off, the winning companies are narrowing their focus.