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In a global marketplace characterized by ever increasing levels of competition, companies need to reorient themselves to systematically identify and capitalize on ways to create value with their...

This presentation from SAP provides an overview of Supplier Risk Management, and outlines the inherent risks of the supply chain, the top issues for executives, the impact of the current economy...

The Call to Action for Enhanced Procurement Talent Management.

Focuses on performance driven outsourcing and partner management, including positions and responsibilities for success.

Practical solutions for negotiating complex multi-supplier contacts.

This presentation explores the use and terms of typical Statements of Work and Service Level Agreements.

Transparency about the sustainability of organizational activities is of interest to a diverse range of stakeholders, including business, labor, non-governmental organizations, investors,...

Professor Kellie McElhaney talks about Power of Business, challenges in the world and a solution in CSR.

This presentation is based on the summary of EquaTerra market about How CPO sees the technology in BPO, study focused on procurement.

Green Supply Chain Program is built on tight collaboration with suppliers

– To adopt more environmentally
sustainable business practices
across the Supply Chain