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This presentation covers:

  • State of Procurement 2012 vs. Spring 2013
  • Pressures Facing CPOs
  • Trends to Watch
    • Emerging Markets
    • Tail End Spend
    • ...

The latest trends in:

  • Best Practices
  • Performance Metrics and Activity Based Costing
  • Category Spend Discussion
    • Print Services
    • Management...

It was called "magnificent" by the Harvard Business Review: IBM transformed from a hardware company into the leading global services and solutions provider—and procurement transformation was key...

This session, presented by Viet Ho, Chief Procurement Officer, Russell Investments, will provide a case study of how Russell Investments procurement transitioned to be a more proactive...

Learn how collaboration is absolutely essential for driving productivity and lifting financial performance in today's ultra-competitive marketplace. Communicating more freely with employees,...