Best Sourcing Industry Podcasts of 2018

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Earlier this year, SIG launched The Sourcing Industry Landscape with the Art of Procurement, a podcast dedicated to furthering thought leadership and conversations with innovators who embrace technology to improve, influence and inspire procurement professionals.

Delivered through iTunes, the Art of Procurement website or your favorite podcast app, The Sourcing Industry Landscape has produced over 30 podcasts this year with CPOs, CEOs, company founders, product innovators, Rising Stars, Future of Sourcing Awards winners and finalists, procurement industry titans, technologists, entrepreneurs and the list goes on. Their breadth of knowledge, commentary on the industry and, perhaps most importantly, their hindsight and lessons learned throughout their career are all laid bare in these interviews.

After sorting through a year of podcast data and analytics, we’ve compiled a list of the five most popular episodes of The Sourcing Industry Landscape and they all have a common theme: elevating the role of procurement as a value-added strategic partner to the business. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile over the holidays, or staying home wrapping presents and prepping for holiday dinners and parties, download these episodes for the doses of inspiration and motivation that will take you into 2019 with a fresh outlook on your role and the changes that are becoming possible in the industry.

Driving Innovation Through Procurement with Dr. Marcell Vollmer

As Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President at SAP Ariba, one of the world’s largest business commerce networks, Dr. Vollmer works to develop, define and drive digitalization strategies. Drawing from examples of leading companies that drive innovation through procurement, Dr. Vollmer advocates that procurement must transform into a value-added function by focusing on the strategic tasks to drive hard savings, compliance and define future innovations and sustainable supply chains. But how can procurement get there? You’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out!

The Power of Authenticity with Rob Bernshteyn

Rob is not your average CEO and Coupa is not your average software company. Tackling the unsexy world of spend management with its cloud-based platform, Rob has led Coupa from scrappy start-up through a successful IPO and shows no signs of slowing down. At SIG’s 2018 Fall Global Executive Summit in Rancho Mirage, California, he discussed his vision for the role of procurement and even tossed around the idea of the role of Chief Spend Officer. In this podcast, you’ll learn how authentic talent, bold strategic vision and laser-focused execution are all part of Rob’s toolkit that has led to Coupa’s explosive growth.  

RPA is Here to Stay with Ian Barkin

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) gets a really bad rap as a job killer and Ian Barkin wants to set the record straight. Ian is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Symphony Ventures (recently acquired by SYKES), a professional services firm that leverages RPA to automate repetitive manual processes. Ian urges you to look at the silver lining when it comes to machines in the workplace: automating mundane tasks will free up workers to redirect their passions to a higher order of activities, which will not only add value to the bottom line, but also to workers’ daily lives. Ian talks about his background in leading Innovation Labs, the importance of mentors in his success and his thoughts on how business will be conducted in the future.

High-Stakes Procurement with Kelly Barner

When people think of procurement professionals, most don’t envision them ruffling feathers and circling the wagons to challenge the status quo, but that’s exactly what Kelly Barner, Owner and Managing Director of Buyer’s Meeting Point, wants more procurement pros to do. Day to day, Kelly covers procurement news, events, publications, solutions, trends and relevant economics. In this podcast, she lays out her dynamic views about where the industry is and how it needs to evolve to stay relevant, strategic and drive innovation.

It’s All About the Outcomes with Greg Tennyson

Greg has 20+ years of global executive leadership in the finance, operations and supply chain space with service-based, high-tech, R&D and manufacturing concerns. Greg’s collaborative, team-oriented approach to procurement is what makes him a notable leader among his colleagues and led to his induction into SIG’s Supernova Hall of Fame at the Future of Sourcing Awards in 2018. In this podcast, Greg lays out the seven fundamental skills to become a true procurement leader and shares his tips to improve both the hard and soft skills that should be in your professional toolkit.


To stay in the loop with procurement pros and leaders who are transforming the industry, subscribe to The Sourcing Industry landscape via iTunes or listen via your favorite podcast app. Visit The Sourcing Industry Landscape to hear all of the podcast episodes.


Stacy Mendoza, Digital Marketing Specialist

Stacy Mendoza is a Digital Marketing Specialist with Sourcing Industry Group (SIG). Stacy began her career in market research as an editor for Hart Research Associates in Washington, D.C. Since moving back to Florida in 2014, she has worked in marketing and public relations, specializing in content creation, media relations and crisis communications. Stacy is a passionate volunteer who donates her time to help nonprofits develop marketing strategies and awareness campaigns. Stacy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from The Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. Follow her on Twitter and tweet at @SIG_Stacy.