Rancho Mirage, CA - 2018 Fall Summit Presentations

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In this session, the presenters will show how they brought additional value to category management, in year four and five of the category. Attendees will learn how to transform a normal strategic sourcing practice to transformational sourcing with new tools. We will discuss where you can utilize transformational sourcing methods and explore transformational sourcing toolkits, so bring your questions, concerns and an open mind for how to upgrade your strategic sourcing organization.

You will learn:

  • How to obtain authorization for a transformational sourcing approach
  • The benefits of transformational sourcingHow to develop team skill sets

The war for talent has never been hotter. The session will examine best practices in attracting talent to your organization, ensuring the staff in your organization continue to be challenged and have growth opportunities to maximize long-term retention. Following the steps we will share will enable you to have a solid succession strategy at all levels and grow your team from the bottom up.

You will learn:

  • How to develop process and policy to attract the best talent in the industry
  • How to enable your team to grow in its capabilities and continuously increase its skill set
  • How to improve employee retentionHow to grow your talent pool from the bottom up

The Supply Chain Lifecycle is turned upside down when the Procurement organization is "The Business" for an enterprise process. Our team recently took accountability for transactional print, causing the team to relook at all our internal and external supply processes. In this session, we will highlight our approach in addressing the challenges of ongoing supply chain management and oversight from a totally unique perspective. We have become our own worst critic, witnessing first-hand procurement practices that can be improved.

You will learn:

  • When strategy and talent align to form the perfect match
  • The importance of timeliness to influence cross-functional teams
  • Key insights into the identification and management of risk
  • How to improve compliance and oversight by leveraging technology

In order to remain a strategic Business Partner, Procurement will need to increase the Business Value that it delivers and move beyond third party spend Cost Savings. Some of this value will come through Supplier Enabled Innovation, but the competition to secure that Innovation will intensify as companies compete for Customer of Choice status. 

The Procurement Innovation Center of Excellence (ICE), at Roche San Francisco, is a custom built facility dedicated to driving Business Value through innovation, both for Roche and Supplier Partners. The presenter will share some key learning's from the last 6 years work and provide some radical ideas about possible evolution opportunities for the progeny of "Procurement".

You will learn:

  • The fundamental elements of a Procurement Innovation program
  • How to increase Supplier Innovation
  • How to develop simple metrics to measure Category and Program Innovation Value


VSP Global has taken a customer centric approach to strategic sourcing not only in how we engage and service our internal customer, but also how we enable them to drive the right business outcomes using proven strategies to:  mitigate risk; enhance value through better business outcome negotiations; drive deal speed; and collaborate with our stakeholders. We address our challenges, approaches and wins but avoid typical discussions around enforcing compliance, managing transactions and working through red tape. Join this session so you can learn how to follow the path from order taker to trusted advisor.

You will learn:

  • How to navigate stakeholder challenges
  • Where to invest and get ROI from people, process and technology
  • How to align with the business and deliver results
  • Yes, how to become a trusted advisor

In a service-oriented business, there is nothing more important than hiring well for business. This session will focus on resource utilization and the various paths that business partners select to find the right talent yet maintain compliance.   We will highlight our approach to HR/Procurement/Business Unit partnerships, inclusion of key business stakeholders in enterprise-wide RFx process, and communicating difficult information to key suppliers. We hope this interactive session will challenge the way you think about the role Procurement plays in staffing strategies.

You will learn:

  • How we used our past to improve our future
  • How to use interdisciplinary teams to change enterprise rules of engagement and processes 
  • Outcomes that can save you time and money

In today's era of growing talent scarcity, widespread industry transformation and an unpredictable economic environment, companies are increasingly leveraging MSP programs to gain flexibility, cost savings and the ability to quickly drive their business forward. However, many organizations have come to the painful and uneasy realization that what got them to this point, will not propel them into the future. Even the most state-of-the-art MSP programs can suffer from stagnation and user dissatisfaction if they fail to innovate and evolve with the rapidly changing contingent workforce. In this dynamic session, we will explore how companies have successfully pivoted in the face of inevitable market forces. Attendees will learn how they can leverage some of their learnings and best practices in running a Talent Forward MSP program to create a progressive contingent workforce strategy that stands the test of time.

You will learn:

  • How to view an MSP solution from all users' perspectives to create a more comprehensive talent strategy
  • How to build a compelling business case for change; outlining business needs, defining measures of success and creating a risk management strategy
  • How to align key stakeholders behind the project in order to meet key business objectives
  • How to define a detailed scope of service which is "fit for purpose"

During this panel discussion, you will hear from buyers, suppliers and a leading advisory firm about their perspectives, experiences and best practices in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability and Impact Sourcing. Each panelist will share their contemporary experiences as they chart their organization's journey to a socially responsible global supply chain.

You will learn:

  • About the "state of the industry" as organizations chart their courses to build and sustain socially responsible supply chains
  • About the challenges and opportunities that buyers, suppliers and advisors see as they build their CSR, Sustainability and Impact sourcing strategies
  • About the best practices, tools and methodologies available to scale up your CSR, Sustainability and Impact Sourcing Programs
  • How you and your organization can get actively involved in specific industry initiatives such as "Socially Responsible Intelligent Automation thru Impact Sourcing"


Working with third parties continues to be the single biggest corruption risk for business. Yet, despite the clear risk, it remains one of the hardest anti-corruption areas to get right. Studies show that almost two-thirds of due diligence procedures were graded as inadequate. Is your business doing enough? 

You will learn:

  • How to prioritize your third parties
  • How to obtain reliable data
  • How to deal with red flags