Working Councils


SIG Working Councils are focused groups of SIG members brought together to share best practices and brainstorm on challenges and opportunities we all face in key topical areas.

SIG Working Council members participate in quarterly WebEx meetings and on-site at our semi-annual Global Executive Summit to help identify areas of interests, concerns and job-related issues that our buy-side members face on a daily basis. 

As we uncover these areas of interests, concerns and job-related issues, SIG’s service-provider and advisory members will have the opportunity to share their subject-matter expertise and assist in the development and implementation of solutions to help SIG buy-side members execute best practices and cultivate innovative resolutions.

Our Working Councils currently accepting new members are:


Who can Join?

SIG members can join any of the working councils that are of interest to them. There is no limit to the number of groups members can participate in.

SIG members are welcome to register for, and attend our quarterly WebEx meetings as well as our on-site meetings held semi-annually at our Global Executive Summit. 

Buy-side non-members are welcome to attend our on-site meetings held semi-annually at our Global Executive Summit, however, you must be a SIG member to continue participating in our working councils.

All working councils will be led by a buy-side, sell-side and academic chair as well as a SIG Global Ambassador.

How to Join

Contact Mark Pollack, Chief Strategy Officer at SIG via email at to express interest. SIG will communicate with you via email to stay apprised of updates and upcoming events. 

When and Where are the Meetings?

SIG Working Council meetings will be held quarterly online via WebEx. To view the schedule for each working council, please navigate to the particular working council you are interested in to access the meeting schedule.

Our on-site meetings will be semi-annual, and held at SIG’s Global Executive Summits. You can register for the event below.


SIG Working Councils Meeting Schedule

  • March 2018 – Onsite at the Global Summit
  • June 2018 – Q2 WebEx Meeting
  • September 2018 – Q3 WebEx Meeting
  • October 2018 – Onsite at the Global Summit
  • December 2018 Q4 WebEx Meeting